Time management is like a budget

Time Management — You’re Already Doing It (But Maybe Not Well)

Chances are, you have heard of time management. This phrase may bring up thoughts of that ad you saw online, a spiel from a teacher in middle school, or something your parents used to talk about. Perhaps you consider time management a chore that must be done, and when you do it, it’s begrudgingly. Maybe you insist that you would rather live “wild and free” by not having any kind of plan for your time, or attempting the infamous multitasking. Whatever your relationship with time management, it’s important to know that you are already doing it, whether you know it or not.

If you are breathing, you have time. It is something you poshttps://www.signedsarah.com/multitasking-good-bad/sess as a living thing. Some of us have a lot of time, some not as much, but the one constant is that we have time from the moment we are brought into this world until the moment we depart. Every second you live, your are managing your time. You decide what to pour it into and what to avoid spending it on, where it is worth more, and how it can best serve you or those around you.

It’s a lot like spending money. Just about everyone has money, just different amounts at different times. You may have a lot of money coming in, but also have a lot of expenses: tuition, rent, insurance, kids, you get the idea. In other phases of life, you don’t have nearly so much coming in, but you also have fewer expenses, like a teen who only has to pay for gas and treats, but has all the basics covered. Some people manage their money very carefully, accounting for all the dollars and cents that they spend, save, and give, managing a budget! They may have discretionary income as a category, but they never have to wonder whether there is enough money in their wallet or checking account to cover a purchase. Others do not take such care, and simply spend money as needed on things that they “have to have,” until suddenly there is no money left and their gas tank is empty. Whether or not they are intentional about where their money goes, they are managing it — just not always managing it well.

Managing time is the same way. During some phases of life, our work or course load takes a lot of time, and we don’t have as much control over where every moment goes. During other phases, we have absolute control over all the time we have. It is also the same in that some people manage their time well, and know when they are out of time for a certain meeting or task, while others always seem to be pushing back deadlines and behind on something. Whether or not you are intentional, you are managing your time.

So, how can you manage your time well? It boils down to three things:

  1. Don’t multitask with more than one mental activity at a time. If you are writing a paper while watching a movie, I hate to break it to you, but at least one of those two things will end terribly.
  2. Use time blocking to make sure your priorities get done. Don’t schedule every second, but making sure you have an hour a day to do homework, clean, or food prep will mean you aren’t stressing about getting it done the rest of the day.
  3. Give yourself time to rest — if you don’t rest, you’re not your best. If you are constantly working, worrying, and running to and fro, you will not be able to make your best effort at any of the things you are doing. Make time for sleep, naps, and a few brainless activities each day to avoid burnout.

We are all managing our time, whether we know it or not, and now you have at least 3 tips to help you manage your time well! What is your favorite time management tool?

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2 thoughts on “Time Management — You’re Already Doing It (But Maybe Not Well)”

  1. I will admit. I am horrible at following the 3rd tip. I have a tendency to have an extremely productive day, and then the next day I am completely burnt out. It’s awful.

    1. I used to be the same way, Amanda! What is one way you can schedule yourself some time to rest today, and avoid burnout tomorrow?

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