don't let time take over

Don’t Overplan – Leave Time For What Matters Most

I love hourly planners, I love time blocking, I love scheduling things ahead of time. These tactics are my best friends for getting done with #allthethings without breaking a sweat, but they can become debilitating when they are allowed to go to the extreme.

When we plan every single second of our day, we leave no room for what matters most.

If every moment is planned out, we don’t have time for that conversation, that turns into probing questions, that turns into tears and prayer. We can’t stop and decide to talk to that speaker because something they said resonated with us. We are left with our hands tied when we just feel exhausted because all we want is a nap but it is not on the schedule. When we plan every single second, we are left without the moments that will truly matter to us when the assignments have been turned in and the paycheck has been earned.

We must learn to leave buffer space. Not just white space, where we can do whatever we want, but space to catch up when we decide to take a moment. A blank half hour where we can do that assignment we didn’t do earlier because we really needed a nap. A little time in the morning to get the work done that we didn’t the night before because a friend called, and we had to prioritize. Some empty space Friday afternoon to get the leftover work done before the weekend truly begins. We have to leave some room for the best things in life, so we don’t ever have to say “I can’t stay to talk with you, I have an assignment that is due in a week but it is scheduled for this half hour.”

Leaving buffer space gives us time to laugh, think, pray, and take advantage of in-the-moment opportunities.

When you are planning out your week and getting your schedule down, please, do not schedule every single moment. Leave at least two gaps in your day, every day, that you can use to catch up on things that did not happen because you just needed to rest or be there for someone. Leave gaps that can be filled with laughter or tears, prayers or entertainment, naps or exercise, whatever you need at that time.