Creative Freedom Through Fitness

Creative Freedom Through Fitness — Balancing Your Body

Creativity isn’t just about the brain — it’s about the body too. If you are not putting effort into physical fitness, your mental fitness will suffer every time. The body is not a bunch of independent pieces, but a sum of parts, and it’s incredibly important to your creative freedom that you also have physical freedom by taking care of your body.

You won’t be able to focus on your art if your stomach is rebelling or unsatisfied, if your muscles are stiff or cramping under the stress a single pen or paintbrush cause, or if you are not able to sit comfortably in the chair. In order to let creativity flow, you have to be somewhat comfortable in your own skin first! In addition, when you exercise your body flushes out cortisol, a hormone that is part of the “fight or flight” response. Without flushing this out, cortisol can “impair cognitive performance” as it builds up. As someone whose adrenal glands are a little too good at producing cortisol, I can tell you it is extremely important to not let too much of it build up — you’ll end up stressed out and, more than likely, burnt out.

Even just getting up and moving for a few minutes has been known to “help overcome mental blocks and lack of inspiration” when dealing with some kind of creativity block. There have been scientific studies that show some exercise as light as going for a walk can help creativity flow better. It doesn’t take a neuroscientist to notice a trend here! Using exercise to boost and maintain your physical fitness is as crucial for your brain as for the rest of your body! To make the most of a brief exercise session, apply a little Peppermint essential oil to your wrists, or enjoy a drop of Peppermint Vitality in a glass of water! As we discussed in this post about the benefits of peppermint, it can also help with long- and short-term memory.

How do you support physical fitness, and help keep your brain and body working well so you can create the most awesome thing you can?