Finding our new normal

Finding Our New Normal

Perhaps this whole graduating with my associate’s, moving, getting married, and starting my junior year within a month was not my best idea, but I am loving every second! This whirlwind of change has been an absolute blast, with only a few hiccups, but now the dust is settling and we are adjusting to a new normal. The boxes are being unloaded, all those little things you didn’t know you needed are being purchased, made, and ordered — you never realize how often you use a sauce pot, paprika, or a garbage can until suddenly you don’t have one anymore!

The biggest goal this week is to find a new normal. We were blessed with an amazing wedding day surrounded by people we love, and who love us, and a beautiful honeymoon in Dubuque, Iowa. The week was an absolute dream, and now, we get to craft a new reality based on our newly formed marriage. We get to develop new routines and habits, rules for the house, and a whole new environment to eat, sleep, work, and play in! There will be a few bumps in the road, but we are having a TON of fun establishing what this new normal will look like! Right now, this includes

  • Breakfast and dinner together at least 5 days a week
  • Meal prep Sundays and mid-week prep Wednesdays
  • Dividing up household tasks
  • Establishing our “office hours,” to get all non-house related work done
  • Where what furniture goes and whether it will stay there
  • and a thousand other things you don’t think about until it’s right in front of you!

I am so grateful to be crafting this new normal together! We are both being very intentional with how we do it, to make sure that this lifestyle is crafted around our dreams, goals, and values, not around what is expected. We are not planning our meals with specific times, but with a general set of recipes we agree on and then we take it day by day. We aren’t budgeting intensely strictly, but have all the specific bills budgeted for ( like rent), and have guidelines for the rest. What is left at the end of the month is spent on practical wants, such as furniture that will make life easier, pantry items, or savings. We are taking each day and week as it comes, establishing new routines and rhythms as we want or need to.

Have you intentionally crafted your normal? Chances are, you haven’t, but let your day be structured around what must be done at that very moment. This often leads to living life on edge, and just trying to prep for each day’s new disaster without much forethought.

2 thoughts on “Finding Our New Normal”

  1. This post is so timely, as my SO and I will soon be moving our lives into one family home. Creating our new normal together is something we are trying to do mindfully. Of course, we slip into familiar ways occasionally. I think of our “couple habits” as laying the groundwork for the upbringing we want to give our children.

    1. That is a beautiful way to look at it, Daniela! It is so important to be mindful of what that new normal means not only for now, but also for the future. Best wishes to you and yours as you transition!

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