My Favorite School Supplies

It can be hard to know which school supplies are worth the splurge! I mean, what about this notebook? That binder, that pen, maybe this pencil? What should I get? Here are a few of my tried and true favorites so you can get your school year started off with the best tools!


My favorite pens: Inkjoy Gel Pens. Yes, I am spoiled, and yes, I love it! These run smoothly, have a good weight to them, last forever, and make studying and writing so much fun!

My favorite binder: this binder is my best friend during the school year! I have yet to find any binder that is more durable throughout jostling in a backpack, jumping up and down, dropping it on the ground, and more.


My favorite notebooks: thick pages, three hole punched, and a sturdy binding combine for the perfect notebook! Each of these lasts me a little over one semester of notes, which is a pretty long life with the amount of notes I take!


My favorite dividers: these binder dividers are the bomb! Multi-colored, solid, and easy to change from semester to semester. The pockets are actually solid pockets instead of flimsy little plastic sheets, which can be hard to find.