Day One: Just Another Everyday

Day One: Magic, Migraine, and One More “Just Another Day”

Today is day one of the semester for me and a few thousand other students out there, which leads to a whole lot of feelings and social media posts. Excited, lethargic, and everything in between, backpacks and syllabi abound as we trek to our new classes. If you’ve got a student in the house, this is a huge day for you, while if you don’t, you probably didn’t even realize it was today until you got on Facebook.

The thing about “Day One” kind of days is that they are generally whatever you make them into. If you want it to be a magical day of sunshine and colored pencils and joy, then generally they are (speaking from experience). If you expect them to be miserable, exhausting, and full of nothing but more work than you can handle, they generally are (speaking from watching other students act like their lives are over). As with just about everything else in life, expectation is key. Days one, two, three, and so on all have their own little magic if you let them! It doesn’t have to be the first day of a big change to be the start of something different, and chances are, the biggest changes are ones you won’t realize are big until they are over.

I didn’t realize that June 15, 2014 (the day I first saw Nick) would be a huge day one until Nick and I had been together for two years. I didn’t realize the day I had my first joint problem was big until I realized I had accidentally dislocated a joint — yeah, I’m that talented. Chances are, when you have your next big “day one,” you won’t even realize what it is until after it is over.

With this in mind, how are you approaching your everyday life? Do you get up, dress up, and show up? Do you take the time to present yourself well and prepare yourself for the day, or are you always rushed and frazzled in the mornings? Do you have routines and rhythms that keep things moving along smoothly, or are you constantly jumping around and never quite out the door when you want to be? How are you approaching your everyday life, and is it worthy of being how you approach a big day one?